3201 Jermantown Road, Suite 350
Fairfax, VA 22030
Direct: 703.259.0840
Fax: 703.259.0841
District of Columbia Office
5335 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 440
Washington, D.C. 20015
Direct: 202.686.2876
E-Fax: 703.653.8102
Lauren Vanni Kinard
Direct Line: 703.259.0842
Main Line: 703.259.0840
Mobile: 703.517.1133
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-Fax: 703-259-0842
E-mail: lkinard@firstexcel.net
Adriana Calle Rocha
Senior Underwriter
Direct Line: 571.210.4873
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-mail: arocha@firstexcel.net
Angela Coyle
Administrative Assistant
Direct Line: 703.352.0721
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-mail: acoyle@firstexcel.net
Ann Barton
Disbursement / Accountant Administrator
Direct Line: 703.259.8660
Efax: 703.259.8660
E-mail: abarton@firstexcel.net
Daniel J. Bernard
Settlement Agent
Direct Line: 240.223.1712
Mobile: 301.370.2229
E-mail: dbernard@firstexcel.net
Desi Campbell
Settlement Agent
Direct Line: 703.293.6152
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-mail: dcampbell@firstexcel.net
Hana Charlery
Marketing Manager
Direct Line: 703.259.0760
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-mail: hcharlery@firstexcel.net
Jessica Turner
Pre-Closing Manager
Direct Line: 703.259.0844
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-mail: jturner@firstexcel.net
Laura Greenwood
Senior Processor
Direct: 703.259.0845
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-mail: lgreenwood@firstexcel.net
Lourdes Presnell
Assistant Underwriter
Direct Line: 703.259.8646
Main Line: 703.259.0840
E-mail: lpresnell@firstexcel.net
Mark Kim
Direct Line: 703.259.8659
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-mail: mkim@firstexcel.net
Megan Saman
Direct: 703.259.8659
Facsimile: 703.592.9040
E-mail: msaman@firstexcel.net
Millie Alesi
Post-Closing Manager
Direct Line: 703.259.8674
Facsimile: 703.259.8674
E-mail: malesi@firstexcel.net
Richard Campbell
Direct Line: 703.259.0756
Efax: 703.259.0756
E-mail: Rcampbell@firstexcel.net
Robin M. West
Settlement Officer/Licensed Underwriter
Direct Line: 804.585.2030
Facsimile: 804.585.2029
E-mail: rwest@firstexcel.net
Rosemary Sayre
Executive Assistant to Lauren Kinard, President
Direct Line: 703.766.1044
Facsimile: 703.259.0841
E-mail: rsayre@firstexcel.net
Sarah Buzby
Legal Associate
Direct Line: number?
E-Fax: 703-259-0842
E-mail: sbuzby@firstexcel.net
Sofia J. Thompson
Operations Manager
Direct Line: 571.210.4837
E-fax: 571-210-4837
E-mail: sthompson@firstexcel.net
For general inquiries/form submissions/questions or concerns